Feb 142021

S. Prestley Blake, a Founder of Friendly’s, Dies at 106 – The New York Times:

Mr. Blake and his younger brother, Curtis, who died in 2019 at 102, founded the first Friendly Ice Cream in the summer of 1935 in Springfield, Mass., with a $547 loan from their parents.

Dec 232020

Opinion | Covid-19 Changed Our Restaurant’s Business Overnight – The New York Times:

We also learned that the standard number of egg rolls in an order is not standard at all, and it seems to be somewhere between two and five. We edited our menu to read “one egg roll,” but this led to even more confusion. “One egg roll. What is that exactly?” Also: “How many is one egg roll?”

Jan 292011

via Foursquare – Four Green Fields


Came to the tip above after seeing a friend check-in, at the venue above, on Foursquare and post to Twitter. Was interested in the place since I had never heard of it before.

The tip section contained a comment that was not that helpful. Sounds like a problem the manager should be informed of ASAP and not posted online. The tip section is usually to recommend a signature item on the menu that is really great.

Other tips posted by “Robbie” for other venues have what one would call a negative tilt.