Meetup Organization Tool – Tungle

At a recent meetup I met someone for the first time in real life. We only had time to exchange friendly greetings. There was an after party, but even there we were seated at different tables. Well, one way to actually have a conversation with this person is to invite them and two other people to meet for a tweetup. We have been following each other on Twitter for a while already. Since my suggestion to meet for a tweetup with two other people was public, someone jumped in and said they would like to be one of the two other people. So, we have three people with relatively unknown schedules. Mine is known to me and would likely be in conflict with most people during the week. My availability Monday through Friday is mostly in the morning. No afternoons and no evenings. So, there is a tool that at least 2 of the three of use are suing that would be perfect for finding common times of availability, that app is This should allow the third person to see when we are available so she can choose  a day and time that works for all of us.

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