A VC: Investing In Startups In Europe

A VC: Investing In Startups In Europe:

“… european entrepreneurs have fully made the change from locally focused to globally focused and are mostly now building businesses that can and do serve a global user base from day one.”


*Talent and opportunity is global in the Information Age. Leave off the word european and it still has essentially the same meaning for what the opportunity is in the current environment.

*I am not sure what to call the period of time we are in. Information Age seems appropriate to me at the moment. Computer Age and Digital Age also make sense.

Opportunity – Risk – Life

The new opportunity. Can you see it? Are your ready for it? No? That’s ok. Most people are not completely ready for what opportunity demands. The key is to be ready to make quick adjustments and to make changes on the fly after embracing that opportunity is out there and that one will push onward …

Rather random thoughts. No editing, just writing

The Opportunity of Now – Get It Done

GID = Get It Done.

Some things should, no, NEED to be done. Make a distinction and start doing. The time for talk is over. Make a choice and take decisive action. The time to start, the time to DO, is NOW. This might be your only shot. Second chances aren’t guaranteed.

No more excuses. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth taking to completion. FINISH! That’s what winners do. Be one.

The Story: Create Opportunities by Engagement

How can you leverage your work to meet new people? If you’re a blogger or create videos, some of the best new material will come from the most unlikely sources. If you are curious and open to new ideas, you’ll encounter fascinating people to write about or film.

via Web Ink Now: I love Fargo, ND in winter! What do you love?.

While checking RSS feeds in Google Reader, I came to a bunch of recent posts by David Meerman Scott and came across the passage above. It really hits on something. You can find interesting people everywhere. Engage with people more often to find great stories. The ones that are remarkable and worth documenting in some way are waiting to be shared. Ways to share might include, writing, podcasting or video.

Lesson: Meet people. Let them bring their story to you.

This is why tweetups are such a powerful opportunity. Serendipity can make magic.

*This post is more about creating opportunities to meet people than it is about leveraging your work.