Side Projects

Side Projects

There was something great about the ability to experiment with an idea before committing to it and before sucking other people’s money into it. When it didn’t work, it didn’t work. No need to pivot to save face or get your investors whole. Just shut it down and tinker on another idea.

*The ability to tickle ideas and see how they react is powerful. Don’t get over invested in an idea or business that isn’t and will not work in the market. 

A VC: Investing In Startups In Europe

A VC: Investing In Startups In Europe:

“… european entrepreneurs have fully made the change from locally focused to globally focused and are mostly now building businesses that can and do serve a global user base from day one.”


*Talent and opportunity is global in the Information Age. Leave off the word european and it still has essentially the same meaning for what the opportunity is in the current environment.

*I am not sure what to call the period of time we are in. Information Age seems appropriate to me at the moment. Computer Age and Digital Age also make sense.

Critical Customer Adoption Point

C-CAP : Critical Customer Adoption Point – Amount of users, also knows as paying customers, required to make a business or organization sustainable. Sometime this is a point in time that is not reachable with current funds on hand and there are no investors banging on the door with bags of money.

What can you do to survive longer so you can reach the C-CAP?

Get creative to legally acquire the funds you need to survive until you get to the C-CAP.

*Read the post by Fred Wilson on Airbnb.